English Malay Translation Services

I am Azman Salleh, a full-time freelance translator based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I offer my services translating web sites and documents from English to Malay, and vice versa.


I also translate Arabic into Malay.


Being business-aware, I work very hard to keep my client’s deadlines, and being a native speaker of Malay, I aim to produce translations that sound natural and correct.


I am a certified English<>Malay  translator with the Malaysian Translators Asscociation (MTA) and a member of American Translators Association (ATA).


I graduated with Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from a California State University in the USA in 1994. I also hold Diploma in Professional Translation, jointly awarded by the Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka and Malaysian Translators Association in 2010.


Besides 6 years translating tourism, engineering, financial, education and various other texts, I have 18 years of experience in Information Technology, in which I consulted and implemented Enterprise software for clients. I also wrote and presented business proposals and user manuals to clients.


To me translations should not sound like a translation, or even "smell" like one. Translations should be a breeze. Not because it is easy, but it should:

  • flow smoothly
  • reach everybody in the audience group
  • leave a pleasant impression


There you have it, a little bit of attempt combining  both literary flair and techie-ish bulleted format.


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