IT Consultant Turned Translator

I am a native speaker of Malay, and graduated with Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from California State University, Sacramento, USA in 1994. After *successfully* burned myself out in Information Technology, I pondered a career change, and thought being a translator would connect me back to the writing side of myself. I started out as a hobby, translating classical Malay texts and posting the English equivalent on blogspot to pass monotony while working full time in IT. I later took up a Diploma in Professional Translation course under Malaysian Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, and completed it in 2010. After about a year juggling my time between my day job and staying up late nights translating, I made the leap of faith into full time translation.


My journey into translation passed through a somewhat winding route. As a student, I enjoyed both language and science. Entering university, I chose Computer Engineering instead, impressed with both the words “computer” – the future career then - and “engineering”. I enjoyed working with electronics and semiconductors while studying, but contented myself with a career working on finished computers products, be they hardware, operating systems, software, or networks.


Studying in the “States” enriched me with knowledge in spoken and colloquial English. Studying and socializing with a plethora of culture in California - American or international - opened my mind towards opinion and habit of other people from the other sides of the world. Coming home to Malaysia after my studies and taking up a Systems Engineer position with a local IBM business partner, I kept my English alive at my workplace, since almost 100% of office communication was in English.


I have always loved literature, either in reading or writing. Unfortunately, creativity comes only sparingly, so I appreciate being tasked (and paid) to translate materials already written by others.

Why Me?

Emphasis on on-time delivery.
Linguistically correct and natural sounding.
Technical and engineering background.